Leslie Vryenhoek

Writer ~ Editor ~ Communications Specialist

Scrabble Lessons 
A real writer is flexing ... It all works and leaves an uneasy smile. Perfect.
~ Jim Bartley, The Globe and Mail

... deeply affecting and gorgeously written...  This is a perfect collection of stories.
~ Chad Pelley, Salty Ink

IScrabble Lessons, characters who were confined to comfortable patterns are suddenly thrown off their games. A single man's life is complicated when his sister shows up carrying all the old family baggage and a terrible new secret. A young woman resists the temptation to slice into her lover's pricey tomato by dissecting the relationship instead. A poetry chapbook, a chocolate salesman, a stolen bicycle: all reawaken passion in lonely characters.

Scrabble Lessons is a kitchen drawer full of sharp implements: 
at once domestic and dangerous, these stories are spare, clean, and honed to a cutting edge. 
~Robert Finley, author of The Accidental Indies

These are stories about the longing that gnaws at our most ordinary days, and about those rare moments of acute clarity on which whole lives can pivot and change course.

Vryenhoek's stories are like diamonds in blood. You will be hurt; you will be enriched. And you will carry them with you.
~Michelle Butler Hallett, author of Sky WavesDouble Blind, and This Marlowe