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Think again

Blogs and audio essays that question the current narrative 


My mother was a Rush Limbaugh-loving conservative. I was so liberal I moved to Canada. In Suasion, I talk about how we lost, then found, a way to talk, what’s behind the great political divide—and why deep understanding is the best weapon in a war of persuasion.

October - November , 2020 - 4 episodes

June 17, 2016 (MP3 - 6:06 mins)

There's a cultural penchant at play in these killings, and it relates to the particularly acute American longing for fame.

December 2015 (MP3 - 12 mins)

A range of training helped women handicraft producers build incomes, leadership abilities and confidence. Hear what they sais in December 2015 about their changed lives.

Audio fiction from Rattling Books: Earlit Shorts 4

Available to download - short stories to listen to on commutes, including "Cycle" by Leslie Vryenhoek, narrated by Joel Thomas Hynes

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