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Ledger of the Open Hand
Ledger of the Open Hand

A Novel

Ledger of the Open Hand looks at the intimate power of money and emotional debt through the eyes of a young woman trying to own her life.

The novel was short-listed for the prestigious Winterset Award and nominated for the Dublin Literary Award. It won an Independent Publisher Award silver medal in 2016.  

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Scabble Lessons cover2.jpg
Scrabble Lessons

Short Stories

In Scrabble Lessons, characters who were confined to comfortable patterns are suddenly thrown off their games. These are stories about the longing that gnaws at our most ordinary days, and about those rare moments of acute clarity on which whole lives can pivot and change course.



We All Will Be Received

A Novel

In 1977, a young woman steals a duffel bag of money and flees her bad-news boyfriend. She hitches a ride to the world’s edge and reinvents herself. But decades later, in a roadside motel, stars and satellites align and the past catches up to her.

Eloquent and propulsive, We All Will be Received asks whether redemption is possible in a an ever more interconnected world.

Named Best Suspense Novel of 2019 by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

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This debut collection explores the nature of longing and belonging in a transient culture. The poems loosely follow a trajectory from affluent American suburb to rural Canadian prairie town, ricocheting across the continent, toeing the U.S./Canadian border ["that thin line a wide gulf"] until crossing another gulf and arriving in Newfoundland, a place where belonging is a constant allure but always just out of reach.

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