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About the book

In 1977, young woman steals a duffel bag full of drug money and flees her bad-news boyfriend, hitching a ride with a long-haul trucker to the world’s edge.

She intends to disappear forever, to redefine herself on her own terms as Dawn Taylor. But eventually, stars and satellites align. Years later, Dawn’s past catches up with her.

As a ferocious storm blows in, Vryenhoek vividly captures the desires of a host of characters whose paths converge in a remote roadside hotel. Ethan is struggling to escape a tired narrative of childhood trauma. Cheryl is desperate to resuscitate a reputation blown apart on social media. And Spencer, an ex-con who wants to overcome his past, is chasing a faint hope he’s glimpsed on a website built half a continent away.

When the highway closes and the power fails, they're trapped together and there’s nothing to keep them from disclosing who they really are.

Eloquent and propulsive, We All Will Be Received asks whether anyone can find redemption when the tightening web of an interconnected world has made the past inescapable.