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This is a very accomplished novel about our era, and how the information age hovers over people’s lives like a secular equivalent of the Last Judgement. An absolute must read.

~ Paul Butler, author of Mina's Child and The Good Doctor


In 1977, a young woman flees her bad-news boyfriend, taking a bag of cash and hitching a ride to the world’s edge. She intends to disappear forever, to redefine herself on her own terms as Dawn Taylor.

But years later, stars and satellites align as the past catches up with Dawn.

**Next Generation Indie Book Awards Winner - Suspense**

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In a roadside motel on Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula, four diverse paths converge. Cheryl is desperate to resuscitate a reputation blown apart on social media. Ethan just wants to escape a tired narrative of childhood trauma. And Spencer, an ex-con, is chasing a faint hope he’s glimpsed on a website.

When a ferocious storm traps them together, there’s nothing to keep them from disclosing who they really are — and what they’re really after.

Eloquent and propulsive, We All Will Be Received asks whether anyone can find redemption when the tightening web of an interconnected world has made the past inescapable.



"I was wholly enthralled by the lives of her characters."

~Consumed by Ink review

"Leslie Vryenhoek’s new novel is finely honed
and taut 
with tension..."   

 ~Joan Sullivan's review in The Telegram

"What extraordinary prose, so fine, so sculpted."                   

~ The Minerva Reader's review of We All Will Be Received


"...the ending blew me away!"
~Crystal Fletcher - WATCH the interview on Crystal's

"What inspires a writer" series 


"a superlative novel..."

~Harold Walters review in The Packet

Buy in stores or ORDER NOW. Also available as e-book.

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We All Will Be Received

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